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  • 10-Piece Face & Eye Makeup Brush Set
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10-Piece Face & Eye Makeup Brush Set

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This 10-piece face & eye makeup brush set is the perfect choice for beginner makeup artists. Crafted with premium wool fiber brushes and soft bristles, this set is both durable and wear-resistant for a flawless look. Enhance your makeup routine today!

Product Specs and Details:
·    Silky   
·    Soft Bristles
·    Comfortable Handle
·    Durable and Wear-Resistant
·    Plastic Handle Material
·    Wool Fiber Brush Material
Collection Includes:
·    Powder Brush
·    Flat Head Foundation Brush
·    Regular Foundation brush
·    Contour brush
·    Blusher Brush
·    Eyeshadow Brush
·    Eye Smudge Brush
·    Lip Brush
·    Eyebrow Brush
·    Eyeliner Brush
·    Brush Bag