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Eyelash Curler Set

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A set of multi-purpose makeup tools that is your perfect makeup assistant. 

This 7 in 1 MODUSKYE Eyelash Curler Kit includes: Eyelash comb, tweezers, slant clip, scissors and 4 pieces of silicone replacement pads.


Premium Quality - The eyelash curler is made of high grade polystyrene and carbon steel, which are strong, flexible and elastic. It keeps the eyelash curler won’t easy to fall apart after long-turn use.

Ergonomic Design - The half lashes curler with wide-angle clip port design, perfect fits the eye shape. Silicone pad in the clip port won’t clip the skin. The round handle with curved extension design to relax the fingers and let the eyelashes curler flexibly shrink.

Easy to Use - Squeeze the lashes by the pink eyelash curler and hold for 5 seconds. Using the mini lashes curler to curl negated lashes. Separated eyelashes with eyelash comb. Apply with mascara after curling makes the lashes last longer.

Gift for Any Occasion - It is perfect gift for your friends and family in best choices of Mother's Day gift, Halloween gift, Valentine's Day gift, Christmas gift and other holiday gifts.