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  • Fiber Black Lash Mascara
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Fiber Black Lash Mascara

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Enhance your eyelashes with Fiber Black Lash Mascara. This premium-quality mascara features natural fiber ingredients and collagen lash gel for a voluminous, lengthy look that never clumps. The intense black color adds an elegant flair to your eyes for a stunningly captivating effect. Get ready to make a dramatic statement with your beautiful lashes!




Product Specs and Details:
·    Lengthy, Volume, Long Lashes
·    Natural Fiber Ingredients
·    Collagen Lash Gel
·    Intense Black Color
·    Long Lasting

Suggested Application for Optimal Results:
First apply Fiber Lash Gel (which contains collagen for natural lash growth) to your lashes, and immediately after apply the natural fibers while the gel is still wet. Reapply the Gel once again to secure the fibers. re-apply as many times as you wish.