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  • 3in1 Nano Facial Steamer
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3in1 Nano Facial Steamer

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Introducing the 3in1 Nano Facial Steamer, a luxurious beauty treatment designed to lock in moisture and replenish skin for a smooth, healthy look. Its Nano-atomization technology is suitable for all skin types, while the facial steamer and skin tester make this device as helpful as it is chic. Plus, an integrated portable power bank ensures a convenient emergency phone charging experience and on-the-go glow.

 Product Specs and Details:
·    Moisturize & Replenish the Skin
·    Nano Technology
·    Water Penetrates Deep into the Underlying Muscle
·    Promotes Smooth Skin
·    Unclog Pores
·    Oil Aromatherapy
·    Humidifier & Nebulizer
·    Suitable for All Skin Type
·    Facial Steamer, Skin Tester, Portable Power Bank
·    USB Portable Charger
Material: ABS
Capacity: 38ML
Input: 5V
Weight: 105g
Size: 4.5*14cm/1.77*5.51in