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  • 307 Pcs Eyelash Extension Grafting Tool Kit
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307-Piece Eyelash Extension Grafting Tool Kit

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Eyelash Artists, this Eyelash Extension Grafting Kit contains a variety of accessories to make application of eyelashes easy with flawless results. It is designed with you in mind. With the right combination of these tools you can create the perfect Long-Lasting lashes in minutes for your clients. Add this kit to your stock today!

Features & Details:
·    Convenient USB Eyelash Fan helps grafted eyelashes dry quickly
·    Eye Gel Pads can be easily applied without interfering with your lash application
·    Pointy and Curved Tweezers will be handy to isolate and pick up lashes
·    Eyelash Mini Mirror can help you spot many details while providing perfect lighting
·    Suitable Glue Rings for easy application of eyelash extensions
·    Eyelash Brushes have soft bristles, and are flexible when shaping eyelashes
·    Micro Brush Applicators are convenient to dip glue in the process
·    Forehead Sticker allows you to get the perfect lash placement
·    Breathable tapes are designed to ensure maximum adherence and easy removal


Value Pack:
1 USB Eyelash Fan
 50 Eye Gel Patches
 2 Different Styles Tweezers
1 Eyelash Mirror
100 Glue Rings
50 Disposable Eyelash Brushes
100 Micro Brush Applicators/Swabs
1 Forehead Sticker
2 Tapes