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  • 60ML Scented Eyelash Cleanser Foam Shampoo
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60ML Scented Eyelash Foam Shampoo

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This 60ML Scented Eyelash Foam Shampoo is the perfect solution for a revitalize cleanse and nourishment of your lashes. Its deep cleansing formula produces a rich foam that removes even the smallest dirt particles and deposits from lashes while remaining cruelty free and free of parabens. Enjoy a clean and pampered feeling with this stunning eyelash shampoo.

Features & Details:
·    Deep Cleansing and Nourishing
·    Cleanses Dirt, Oil, and Cosmetic Residues in Eyelashes
·    Rich Foam
·    Organic Formula
·    Non-Irritating
·    Cruelty Free
·    Paraben-Free
 ·   Alcohol-Free
Package Contents:
·    Eyelash Shampoo
·    Eyelash Wash Brush