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  • Complete DIY Eyelash Extension Kit
  • Complete DIY Eyelash Extension Kit
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Complete DIY Eyelash Extension Kit

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Say goodbye to expensive salon appointments and hello to fabulous lashes you can form yourself! This revolutionary DIY Eyelash Extension Kit is a one stop solution for creating custom lashes from the comfort of your own home. With a variety of lash lengths included to mix and match, and all the core products to start a DIY lash journey; you’ll have gorgeous, voluminous lashes in no time. 


Features & Details:
·    Soft & Comfortable
·    Lightweight
·    Convenient, Easy to Apply
·    Natural Look
·    High Quality Handmade Korean PBT Fiber
·    Heat Bonded Cluster Lashes
·    Waterproof Eyelash Glass Coating
·    Plastic Black Band
·    24CT Clusters (10MM, 12MM, 14MM, 16MM)
·    Cluster Eyelash Bond & Seal
·    Cluster Applicator
·    Cluster Eyelash Remover
·    Cluster Eyelash Brush
*Cluster eyelash replacement pack can be purchased separately.