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  • Hepburn’s Eyeliner Magnetic Mink Velvet Eyelashes
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Hepburn’s Eyeliner Magnetic Mink Velvet Eyelashes

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Hepburn's Eyeliner's Style Magnetic Mink Velvet Eyelashes will lend you an air of sophistication with its luxurious velvet material and extra large flying arrangement. Accentuate your gaze with 0.03-0.04mm eyelashes for an effortless carefree and natural appearance look. Order yours now and discover the captivating beauty of carefully designed Eyelashes!


Features & Details:         
·    Korean Imported PBT Antibacterial Ultra-Soft 0.025 – 0.05mm Mink Velvet Material
·    Amorphous Nano Soft Magnet Technology
·    Multi-Polar Permanent Magnetization
·    Woven Design
·    Reusable
·    Super Light and Soft
·    UM High Polymer Coating 
·    Flowering Structure Medium Density
·    Corrosion-Resistant
·    8-9-10-11-12-12-11 Fan Arrangement
·    Water Absorption of Less Than 0.9%
·    B+ Degree of Curling
·    26-27mm Eyelash Width
·    0.001oz (0.028g) Weight



The raw material is purchased in the form of a small ball. It's first sent to Japan (the most skilled in the wire drawing process worldwide) and then stretched out extremely thin to a 0.025mm diameter. These are well-proportioned prototype eyelashes with a stable shape.


The prototype eyelashes are then sent to South Korea (the most skilled in the polishing process worldwide) where they become MLEN eyelashes—well-proportioned in shape, naturally pointed, and the closest to native eyelashes. That's why these eyelashes look so natural like true hair.


After the tips of the eyelashes are polished down, they're sent to North Korea (the most skilled in the micro-weaving process worldwide). There, these eyelashes are then turned into a true piece of art, satisfying the requirements for complicated woven designs.


Finally, the woven eyelashes are returned to MLEN factories where the 0.1mm magnetic placement and micro-magnetic pole adaptation are completed. The product then undergoes 4 inspections before leaving the factory.